Dancing Style


What is “Parallel close embrace tango”?

Parallel Close Embrace tango, also referred to as “nuevo milonguero” is a style that evolved from the dancers’ desire to maintain a close embrace at all times while maximizing freedom of movement.

Video examples:

Melina & Detlef

Alja & Sašo, Celine & Andreas

Alexis & Celine


A few characteristics:

  • Embrace Symmetry: equal distance between partners’ shoulders on both sides
  • Role symmetry: dancers’ contribution is not limited by role or gender
  • Full chest contact
  • No lean or shared axis: each partner is autonomous
  • No shoulder contact; head contact only when anatomically comfortable
  • Arms are only for embracing – not a conduit of information
  • Information is transmitted through the opening of spaces
  • Focus is on mutual creativity and musical expression through relaxed communication with the partner