The weekly practica is on break for the summer due to extensive travel engagements.  Please sign up for the mailing list to be notified when we resume in the fall!

Weekly guided practica at the University City Arts League (UCAL), 4226 Spruce St, Philadelphia PA.  Thursdays, 8-10pm.  (Check the Philadelphia Tango Calendar for last-minute updates or cancellations)

Guided practica is a term that refers to the format between a class and a practica where people work on known concepts under someone’s guidance.  There is no formal instruction but I suggest topics for practice and I actively give personal attention and feedback.

I am available for special workshops upon request and have some availability for travel. 

List of past workshops and suggested topics

I am available for regular private and semi-private classes  upon request.

My preferred private instruction method, however, is the privatanda.  A privatanda is a mini-private class: it is shorter (lasts for one tanda) and more affordable than a regular private class. 

In a privatanda I focus on one issue.  I identify the issue by dancing with the student, provide instruction, and then we dance some more to work on the specific issue.

Privatandas can be scheduled during practicas or as short privates (but never at milongas!)