I am a social dancer, a student, and a teacher of Argentine tango.  I dance a variety of styles of Argentine Tango but parallel close embrace is the style that makes my heart sing at this point in my tango life.  Therefore, that is the style that my teaching focuses on.


I am based in the Philadelphia area but also travel for teaching. 

Why Argentine tango?


People dance Argentine Tango for all sorts of reasons.   (If you are curious try Googling “why tango” 🙂


For me personally, at this point of my tango life, it’s all about connection: connection to music, to a partner, to a crowd and of course to myself.  The music, tangos from the Golden Age (1930s-1950s) makes my blood boil;  the improvisational nature of the dance demands 100% of my attention and does not leave room in my mind for anything else.  Isn’t that the definition of passion!